The Teacher’s Desktop

Welcome to a demonstration of The Teacher’s Desktop, an important resource for teachers using
Job Ready Career Skills online. You will find this helpful tool simple and easy to use when you follow the step-by-step instructions.

The menu buttons across the top of your screen define the contents of The Teacher’s Desktop, and the drop-down boxes for each button list the features of the program. With The Teacher’s Desktop, you can easily set up classes, choose required and optional lessons and create pre- and post-tests. You also can set a minimum score, compare student scores, copy and paste scores to a spreadsheet, print reports and use the instructor materials provided with Job Ready Career Skills online.

The Teacher’s Desktop allows you to conveniently view the student version of Job Ready Career Skills at any time. To access the student version from The Teacher’s Desktop, click on the menu button called Student Version. In this free demonstration, you will see all of The Teacher’s Desktop features, but you will not be able to apply the instructions.

Let’s get started with setting up your first class.

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